Women LEAD Network is changing its mission

Times they are a changin’.  Women LEAD Network has been committed to working to change the way that women experience the workplace, in particular in non-profit and social justice organizations, for many years.  However, in a time when women’s voices are engaged in critical discourse about their daily lived experiences, Women LEAD Network must shift its focus to be a platform that facilitates those voices.  Women are Leaders.  This isn’t Aspirational.  This is Reality.  They are leaders in their homes.  They are leaders in their communities.  They are leaders in their workplaces.  They are leaders in their learning communities.  They are leaders in body, mind and spirit.  So today Women LEAD Network, begins a new mission.  To be a platform for women’s voices to discuss issues that are important to them.

Women LEAD Network will invite women leaders from diverse environments, backgrounds and experiences to write to other women about the things that are important to them from family to school to art to politics and more.  This will be a place where women leaders come to share and learn.  We hope you are inspired to connect with the women around  you, to create community, to embrace your own power.  Welcome to Women LEAD Network-Next Generation….

The identity puzzle


The discussion of diversity in the workplace must be intersectional.

“Everybody has multiple identities. You’re a woman, a parent, a gay, a disabled person, and of Hispanic origin, so which group do you go to?” Read this article on how organizations are responding.

10 examples of gender bias in the workplace

Important topic in the workplace.  So often gender bias is subtle and goes unnoticed. This article outlines 10 examples of gender bias in the workplace.  These include, unequal pay, how interview questions are asked, how responsibilities are delegated and sexual harassment.  #8 (Terminations) should also consider whether women have been terminated or reprimanded for things that men have not been.  #10 (Sexual Harassment) should also point to whether sexual harassment is taken seriously when reported.  It’s also important to determine if men are provided more opportunities to participate in high profile meetings, and have their work valued more.  These often go unnoticed and are chocked up to performance, but can frequently be based on gender bias.  Click here to read the article

Women’s Leadership is Changing the World

Looking out a window

All over the world, women leaders are changing the way that business and social enterprise looks.  These amazing women are social entrepreneurs who are changing the way social change and leadership looks.  Contact Women LEAD Network at info@womenleadnetwork.com for more information on how you can develop your own leadership to create change.

A case for equity…it impacts the bottom line

computer and hand

Women leaders bring important skills to the workplace, and yet are still significantly underrepresented in high level leadership positions.  This study outlines some of important findings about women’s leadership.

For information on how Women LEAD Network can help your organization do an equity assessment contact us at info@womenleadnetwork.com