Women and COVID-19

Women Lead Network was part of a community of human rights defenders highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable people. Our focus was on the impact on Women.

Women Lead Network is committed to:

Centralizing the experiences of women related to COVID 19:

Our participation in a Civil Society Briefing on the impact of COVID 19

Amplifying Women’s Voices on issues related to COVID 19

Covid and Gender Inequality

Promoting Women’s Leadership on COVID 19

#SayHerName Breonna Taylor and the centering of Black Women’s Lives: Today is Breonna Taylors Birthday, but she’s not here to celebrate it because she was killed by Louisville Metro Police Department as she lay sleeping in her bed on March 13th.

Black women’s experiences with Police Violence is often invisible. We must continue to raise the voices of Black women and #SayHerName as they are targeted by police but are also leading the way to Racial Justice:

Women Lead Network is committed to:

Centralizing Black Women’s experiences related to Police Violence: Read a report on Police Violence Against Black Women

Read more about Breonna Taylor from her family and friends

Amplifying Black Women’s Voices on issues of Police Violence:

LA Woman drawing attention to Breonna Taylor through art

Watch: Connecting Reproductive Justice and Black Lives Matter

Promoting Women’s Leadership on Police Violence Against Black Women:

Reproductive Justice for Black Lives

Sister Song (Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Collective) asks:

What will you do to defend Black bodies?

-Attend a meeting and strategize -Attend a protest. -Talk to family and Friends. -Get white people together to do your part. -Give money. -Intro/support legislation to #DefundThePolice. -Make art to make change.-Donate to a bail fund.-Run for office.

Motherhood, Menstruation and Sexual Violence: Human Rights Violations at the U.S. -Mexico Border

The US-Mexico border has become ground zero for human rights violations. With over 50% of these immigrants being comprised of women and children, there is a disproportionate number of women in immigration detention. Migrant women attempting to cross the border are subject to human rights abuses including rape at the hands of border officials, period shame and lack of access to menstrual materials and lack of healthcare for abortion, childbirth and pre and post-natal care.

Centralizing Immigrant Women’s Experiences in Detention: Read our Report on Migrant Women’s Experiences in Detention

Amplifying Immigrant Women’s Voices in Detention:



Promoting Women’s Leadership in addressing Immigrant Women’s experiences in detention:

Meet Women Immigrant Activists-GirlBoss article

Lideres Campesinas Organization